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Rules - English
Forum Rules:
  1. Each user by registering on this forum confirms that he/she read regulamin and agrees to comply with the rules.
  2. Using the website is free, and any donations are voluntary.
  3. Swearing on forum is banned. Also posting things related to racism or pornography is banned. These posts will be removed and autor will be punished.
  4. Please write with correct spelling and do not write everything in CAPITAL LETERS.
  5. Posting any ads without administration permission is banned. These posts will be removed and autor will be punished.
  6. Bumping topics will be punished. If the topicyou want to write in have ended but is not closed or in topics where last reply is older than month you will get punished.
  7. Forum belongs to Administrators. They have rights to do things like banning or removing accounts without giving any reason.
  8. Administrators and their subjects (other people) have rights to close, remove, move or edit any topic or post.
  9. Moderators duty is to help other users and keep everything on its place.
  10. VIP rank is given by Administrators for the helping others or when user reaches required amount of posts.
  11. Each user can have only one account. Every next one will be banned after 24 hours. If you send us a message we will remove account which you choose.
VirtualCargo License:
  1. Client, Server and Plugin are FREE programs. If you found our programs provided by hostings that require to pay to download file send us message.
  2. Every file in VirtualCargo project belongs to their authors. You cannot use them for your own purpose.
  3. Program has been written for Windows Vista or newer. Will not work on earlier versions of Windows or Linux.
  4. It is prohibited to use the program for commercial purposes.
  5. Server does NOT COLLECT any data for us. If you are creating own server please remember about security.
  6. Plugin has been written using Telemetry SDK and is designed to use with Euro Truck Simulator 2.
  7. Every program is free of malware. If you find any virus or spyware in our program please download newest version from our oficial download.
These rules and license are actual from 24.08.2015 until further notice. There are no excuses for breaking the rules. If you break the rule you will get punished on FORUM

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